Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Real Eats -- La Paloma Restaurante, Santa Clara, CA

Have you ever wondered why you gravitate back to certain restaurants? Well, that's just what happened last weekend when my wife and I were hungry for La Paloma in Santa Clara. Patrons for more than 25 years, we enjoy the good value, authenticity as well as the great taste.

We usually start off with a simple side salad instead of appetizers as their chips and salsa are very good! Next -- what to have for dinner?

Since we're eating lighter, we opted for fish. My wife chose the Grilled Salmon Filet off of their regular menu. At $13.50, it included a fresh salmon filet that was char-grilled and served with your choice of our tangy tomatillo avocado salsa, or topped with their fresh mango salsa. Carol chose the mango salsa which she said was excellent. The dinner also included grilled garden vegetables, rice, and jalapeƱo tartar sauce.

For my dinner, I ordered the Char-grilled Red Snapper off of their specials menu. It too was $13.50, and was served over a tomatillo-avocado salsa and came with rice and beans which I asked to switch the beans with grilled garden veggies. The fish was perfectly flaked done and tasted wonderfully with the salsa and accompaniments. I chose one of their margaritas to top off the dinner. The margarita, I prefer them frozen and with salt, tasted great and was of great value.

Dessert -- who has room for any dessert? We passed on dessert as the dinner with the salad, chips and salsa was more than ample! Highly recommended.

La Paloma Restaurante
2280 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95050

(408) 247-0990

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