Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Got Granite? Got Radon?

Just in time for January, I learn that this month is Radon Action Month. Governor Schwarzenegger has urged all Californians to test their home for radon gas. Why this month? The coldest months, when people keep their homes buttoned up, are when indoor radon concentrations are highest. Here in Santa Clara County, we have a county-wide average of "moderate" levels of radon but they can vary tremendously by area and depending upon the types of granite counter tops that may be in the home.

Low cost radon test kits are available from the California Department of Health.

Non-scientifically, most radon is emitted from the soil under a home. However, some granite counter tops emit substantial radon and gamma radiation. Red granite seems to be a culprit but testing in the only way to make sure.

For an Industrial Hygienist resource, check out Indoor Air Answers. An industrial hygienist can quickly determine whether granite is radioactive and likely the source of the radon.

For home test kits, you can expect results in a couple of weeks.

Free testing? Yes, there is but for only certain types of granite (Jupurana Bordeaux, Niagara Gold, Four Seasons granite). If you have one of these types of granite, the Free Testing resource can be used.

Hope this helps. Let me know what your thoughts are. Thanks for reading!

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