Friday, September 25, 2009

Robbing the Bank to Pay Back the Bank!

Wow, a 69-yr old robs San Diego bank to pay for his 17% mortgage! The authorities should round up the loan officer, strip him of his license, place him in the clink and throw away the key! Seniors beware -- a lot of crooks are after you (us!). Work with someone you know AND trust.

Click on the link to view the source newscast but we here in Silicon Valley were not insulated from some of these crooks in the real estate and lending business who looked out for themselves and didn't place their client's best interest first and foremost. Some loan officers, many working for unscrupulous mortgage brokers, placed unsophisticated and unsuspecting borrowers into weird loans with prepayment penalties and the like to earn huge fees at the expense of the borrowers.

Probably most of the borrowers that were trapped by these crooks were not seniors but I think it is even more egregious when a senior is the victim.

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