Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti -- From A Personal View

A couple of years ago I wrote a post that mainly involved itself with a movie review. That movie, La Bamba, was interesting because they used antique cars owned by a special friend of mine. Click here if you want to take another look at it. The movie review, in my humble opinion, was good and viewing the movie brought back memories of my childhood, growing up in Los Altos.

However, later in the review, I mentioned the name of the owner of the antique cars, Donald Skow. Don, part of a delightful family, is Pastor of the Hollister Christian Fellowship Church in Hollister, California.

One of Don's passions, has been and continues to be, the care he provides to the people of Haiti. He regularly travels from California to Haiti to help those in abject poverty improve their lives and get a leg up, so to speak.

If there were ever a time to help those in Haiti, it is now.

Sketchy news accounts of the devastation from yesterday's 7.0 magnitude earthquake which rocked this impoverished country, especially around the populous capital city of Port-Au-Prince, seem almost unbelievable and certainly terrifying. Just today, it was reported that early estimates of death rates were going to be above 100,000!

Don's work -- his passion really -- is helping those people who live in an area not too far away from the Haitian capital, yet close to the epicenter of yesterday's quake. He is constantly on a quest for donations of either financial aid or basic supplies and tools. Things like school supplies, basic items for families to enable them to better their living conditions are key. Don, as well as his son, often goes there to keep the program focused and to reach more people. If you can be of help, contact Don so he can let you know what is most needed and coordinate the efficient transfer of help to those in Haiti. He has told me before that for those in Haiti, "giving a little will help a lot". Especially true now.

He said about ten days ago that his church had seen its membership grow, something difficult to do during the economic mess we're in. When he told me this, I knew the reason for his ever-increasing congregation -- his steadfast resolve in caring for those in need. He also is a personally-engaging and kind individual.

Again, please help with what you can for the sake of those in Haiti, and contact Don. He'd love to bring additional help to the Haitian people, especially now.

Donald Skow, Pastor
Hollister Christian Fellowship Church
2350-A Technology Parkway
Hollister, CA 95023
831-637-1056 (Click on "Haiti Project" for more information)

Thanks for reading this important post. I'll update you as things progress.

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