Sunday, December 23, 2007

Why you should choose me to help you buy your next home

I work exclusively by referral. Working by referral allows me to focus on my clients and not on prospecting for other clients like most other agents do. My clients refer me to those that they know who are thinking about buying or selling a home or investment property. In this manner, fully 85% of my business is directly attributable to working by referral with the balance of my business derived from networking and website sources. I do no "smiley-faced", self-promotion type ads in newspapers, magazines or load your mail box with what are known as "farming cards" or as most call it -- junk mail!

How does working by referral benefit you? Simply by the fact that if I don't perform, you wouldn't think about referring anyone. Poor service or results would cause my business to vanish! Instead, I work for my clients before, during and after each transaction. In actuality, during 2007 my business continued to grow and amounted to my best year ever. Working by referral allows me to be careful as to whom I choose to work for. And, I'll be the first to tell you that we each have a decision whether or not to work with someone. I would caution you that it is critical to know the person you will entrust to advise and help you with what will probably be your largest monetary investment -- a home.

In California, we have what's known as "buyers agency". Buyers agency is simply that upon execution of a legal form, your chosen agent becomes your buyer's agent and works for you while legally being paid out of the seller's proceeds. Thus, there is no money out-of-pocket for the buyer when represented by a buyer's agency agreement. Going through an Open House, responding to an ad online or in the newspaper puts you in front of someone working for the seller who may not have your best interests in mind. Legally, they should be acting solely for the benefit of their principal as one of the four Fiduciary Duties that agents should honor. The other three are: to use skill, care and diligence; to be accountable; and, to disclose material facts.

My background consists of extensive, real-life experience in business, investments and finance with more than 23 years in corporate financial planning, analysis experience. My last position was a director of planning for a company which was purchased for $9 billion. This is important for my clients because it means I have a grounding in reality and can take a longer-term or investment approach to advising clients. Contrast my background with someone who might have sold shoes, computer chips, insurance policies and now homes. More than likely, they're looking for the next transaction. Please don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with selling -- I'm in sales, too! But before there is a transaction, I advise my clients of what is solely in their best interests -- whether or not it culminates in a transaction for me. I do a substantial amount of market research to uncover or spot trend changes to devise the appropriate negotiation strategy I advise my clients to use so that they accomplish their real estate goals.

A decision to purchase is always up to the client, in that manner, I don't sell, I advise. If you'd like to meet and get to know me better, please give me a call at 408-830-0092. Feel free to comment with your questions on:
  • REO or foreclosure properties
  • buying in areas still likely to have multiple offers (yes, there are some)
  • TV unreality realty shows (show three and buy one)
  • or, other real estate topics you have in mind.

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